Affiliate Plan


Ritrex Capital takes care that each of the members of our Company no matter whether he made a deposit or just was an active member, gets his revenues Daily Everybody has an unique opportunity to receive high Cntf profits, even without making his own contribution or investing his own money Besides an ordinary referral commissions, our active members will get additional bonuses.

any person get achieve Royalty Income in Ritex Capital, then Royalty Income per month to that person will be transferred automatically in the wallet of concern person This is the complete Information Note. Thanks This offer is one kind of best achievement promotion offers and respect as well value of skilful member In this offer member can get benefit up to 500 days from achievement of first level and it will be automatically renew for 500 days after achievement of next level and carry on. But members have to be fulfill some terms and conditions and achieve to target All around the world company business : Crypto Mining Gold Mining Stock Market - NASDAQ Real Estate World Wide Crypto Pumping Dumping Trading Bot to Top 10 Crypto Currency Investment


We will provide you with a 10% referral commission for any deposits made by the recommendations you send. You don't need any capital investment, you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to bring you unexpected income!