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You can create your own personal account using the Sign Up function. Click it and then follow the instructions.

Yes, you can create more than one active account using the same IP address, computer or device.

Any of our registered clients can create more than one personal account using the same computer or the same IP address. However, all these accounts should not be linked to one referral link or used together to create an affiliate downline. Otherwise, such personal accounts will be suspended until all the relevant circumstances have been clarified. An account that has no direct connection with any other user account is what we call active personal account.

Ritrex Capital LTD is company from United Kingdom, operating in the cryptocurrency mining and trading market, as well as operating in the Forex market since 2018. The company has all the necessary permissions and licenses to conduct this business.

Yes, it does. Ritrex Capital LTD is a global investment company that provides its services in any country of the world through its platform Thus, Ritrex Capital LTD represents an online investment that goes beyond borders and restrictions.

For more information about the registration details of Ritrex Capital LTD, please go to the Documents in the legal information page. In addition, the company's contact information is available on the Contact Us page.

When creating a personal account in our system, you need to first agree to provide certain personal data. At the same time, we guarantee you that Ritrex Capital LTD makes all reasonable efforts aimed at preventing your personal data from reaching third parties. This is specified in the "Privacy Policy" section of the company's site.

We have paid special attention to online security because all financial transactions are performed online via the company's website. For example, the company's website is equipped with the latest data encryption protocols, as well as super-efficient and sophisticated anti-DDoS system. Besides, all the company's website databases are stored on virus-resistant servers and have a cloud-distributed data storage architecture. This makes data loss or transfer to attackers impossible.

The company's website — which powers the services of Ritrex Capital LTD — is designed to perform all the necessary financial transactions, statistical accounting and create an affiliate downline in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality and security of online data.

The company has several main sources of income. We have our own mining equipment. It enables us to mine major cryptocurrencies. In addition, we perform speculative exchange trading operations with both cryptocurrency and fiat reserves, using our own trading schemes on the world's cryptocurrency exchanges and on Forex. Ritrex Capital LTD is a major investment and financial company that has been in the market since 2018. It has a wide range of business interests. The company's specialists help in creating stable high profits both for Ritrex Capital LTD and for customers worldwide.

Please check the Investments page to understand our financial doctrine and the essence of passive online earnings with Ritrex Capital LTD.

First, you need to create a personal account, then log in to the company's website using the username and password you indicated when creating your personal account. Then, in the Make a deposit section, select your preferred investment plan, click "Select", and then click "Make a deposit" after indicating the amount and electronic payment system that you intend to use to create this particular investment. Then follow the simple guidelines. More information about this can be found on the "Instructions" page.

For information on how to create an e-wallet account or top it up with funds online, please carefully read through the Instructions page.

Sometimes, due to the high demand of some investment plans, they may be temporarily restricted for investment, as decided by the company's financial department. This is due to the fact that the number of investments in these plans has reached a sufficient level at the current moment for the company. At the same time, all previously created investor deposits on these plans work as usual. After the company will process funds invested in these plans to work, the plans will be reopened for investment. Therefore, if you are faced with the fact that you cannot make a deposit to a plan, just wait a while and try again, you will succeed.

If you created an investment using Perfect Money or PAYEER or Skrill, your deposit will be activated instantly and start working immediately, bringing you stable profit in accordance with the terms of your chosen investment plan.
If you used Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum or Dash or Dogecoin to make your deposits, you might need up to 6 confirmations before the deposit is activated.

Since we provide passive online income services, you have barely few or no further actions to perform after creating a deposit — creating withdrawal requests, authorizing for this in your own personal account.
At the same time, it should be noted that the system pays investment profit into your personal account balance. your payouts can be withdrawn at any time, because in this case, the amounts are automatically credited to your account in accordance with the plan you selected.

For any electronic payment system, the minimum investment amount is $5. There is no maximum amount.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the particular electronic payment system you used to create your investment.
For Perfect Money $5
For PAYEER, the minimum is $5.
For Bitcoin, it is $5.
For Skrill $5
For DogeCoin $5
For Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Dash, the minimum withdrawal amount is $5.

You will receive your profits in the currency you used to invest.
However, in order for the investment system to function correctly, when using cryptocurrency funds, your investment will be automatically converted into USD at the weighted average online exchange rate at the time you create and activate the deposit. You will also receive your interests in USD and at the time of creating the payout request. These funds will be converted back into the cryptocurrency you used when investing and at the exchange rate existing at the time of creating this particular request.

The time required by our specialists to process your withdrawal request does not depend on the investment currency. However, it may depend on the day on which that particular request was created. So, if the request was created on a Saturday, Sunday or on a public holiday, then your request might take up to 72 hours to be processed.
If the request was created on a weekday (from Monday to Friday), then your request will be processed within 48 hours.
Withdrawal requests are typically processed faster.

No, you can't due to the linearity and continuity of investment processes supported by the company.

Yes, you can. When choosing a deposit method, select "Account balance" in the "Make a deposit" menu, select the appropriate investment plan and enter the amount available in a particular electronic payment system on your account balance.

The technical features of the financial system on our site make it impossible to cancel or change an already active deposit. Therefore, you cannot add funds to an already active deposit. If you want to increase your investment package, it is more expedient to create an additional investment. At the same time.

In our investment program, you cannot withdraw funds to an electronic payment system other than the one you used to create the deposit. The same applies with receiving your referral bonuses. Your referral bonus is credited to your account balance, whose currency is the same with the currency used by your referral to make the respective deposit.

If you have already created an investment, you cannot cancel it. Consequently, you cannot change it later, after the deposit has been activated. For our part, we strongly recommend that you be more careful and attentive when choosing a particular investment plan before activating it.

When registering a personal account, you accept the Agreement. In the agreement, it is indicated that a personal account cannot be deleted. So, by registering this personal account, you have agreed, among other things, that you will not be able to delete it.

We do not charge our customers any commission. All you have to consider is the actual rate at which your invested amount will be converted if you used cryptocurrency funds for investments. You should also take into account the relevant commissions charged by electronic payment systems for.

To reset your lost or forgotten password, please go to:

You can do so after creating a personal account.
However, note that if you forget to provide your payment information, or you indicate the wrong information, your fund withdrawal request will not be processed.

In order to change your payment details, go to the "Settings" section in your personal account and start editing the relevant data. When editing, you will be sent a message containing a Pin code to the email address you specified when registering your personal account. You will need to correctly enter this Pin code in a line specially dedicated for that. If everything is done correctly, your payment details will be updated successfully.
In the same way, you can change your account password.

Our affiliate program takes into account the needs of all our customers. This includes the need for self-fulfillment in inviting new participants to the investment program. Thus, whether you have your own investment or not, you will be able to receive a referral reward for deposits created by referrals in your affiliate downline.

Yes, you can. With us, you have all the opportunities to grow professionally and climb higher on the career ladder. In order to be able to become a company representative, use the "Upgrade account" button in your own personal account, or go to the "Become a Representative" page.

You cannot change your upline after you have registered.

You can always write us at or through the feedback form.
In addition, you can use the online chat.
We take any question very serious. Therefore, we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that you receive professional and competent support.

We are available from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM, GMT +3, daily. If our working hours change, it will be announced accordingly.

We do everything for common good and prosperity. If our client wants to talk on issues concerning common and mutually beneficial cooperation, then why not? Let us know the time and reason for your visit and we will be glad to meet you at our office and discuss any issue that requires personal presence and personal discussion.

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