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Climbing the career progression ladder together with Ritrex Capital LTD is a guaranteed way of success and prosperity – especially if you are an ambitious person and you want more than what our Affiliate Program offers. Now, every user registered on the website of Ritrex Capital LTD can become a Representative. In order to obtain the Initial status of a Representative, you only need to submit an application for the basic status of a Representative of Ritrex Capital LTD. There are two ways to apply. Go to the “Become a Representative” page, fill out the form and submit or go to your personal account, click on the “Upgrade account” button.

Features of the Representatives Program. All users can get the Initial status. In addition to the First-Level referral bonus, 5% of the nominal value of the deposits of your personally invited First-Level referrals will also be credited to you. To become representative you need to invest $10000 in the ritrexcapital and we are waiting you to become our representative.

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